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Alpha is a program that can generate 100% procedural "fine" Glitchart without human intervention. The pieces are available as NFTs on various platforms.

The images show figures wandering through various abstract landscapes towards the horizon. It's about finding yourself in these pieces and looking back down on your own journey.

The abstraction makes the viewer try to connect what is seen to their own reality. They start to imagine the landscapes and what it would be like to be in them. Once they pull themselves out of the images they realize that they were looking down on what they were just imagining.
That way we breach the connection between viewer, art and especially time and space.

It is very important that the imagines ground themselves in reality in spite of their surreal nature. That is why every element are directly inspired by the real world.
For example the colors were taken from various landscape photos and the grading is derived from negative film stocks.

Technical Side

The program is written in Python and uses a technique called "Pixelsorting" to give the images a surreal feeling which is a key factor when it comes to the artistic meaning of the pieces.
V2.0 is the next step in the journey as it utilizes the open-source 3D software "Blender" to generate the base images. Before that it was all normal Python code that used various noise algorithms in combination with sine wave distortion among other methods for post processing.

Alpha is also a platform for experimentation in the areas of experimental design, procedural generation and artificial intelligence.

This project was originally based on a concept by Geometrieva.